This forty-year retrospective of the UCSC Arboretum's development and growth is based on an exhibit at the Arboretum that opened in Fall, 2005; events that have taken place since that time are not reflected this retrospective.

 A history of the Arboretum

Getting started . . . (part 3)

The gatehouse at the entrance was built by the "Geriatric Construction Crew" in 1981.

This group of volunteers, which included Dean McHenry, Jerome Alexander, Jack Lanigan, and Hugh Warner, built a visitor shelter that served until Norrie's was constructed in 1994.

1985 gatehouse photo

Gatehouse and docent hut, Fall, 1985

Entrance photo

The early entrance had only the visitor shelter.
Norrie's was not yet built on the hill to the right

At last, by 1974, the Arboretum received enough money to build three geodesic dome greenhouses, a lath house, and an office. Two years later, the Division of Natural Sciences assumed responsibility for the Arboretum. There was no change in the funding, and the financial situation remained stable with occasional increases in funds for staff. But the need for cash to keep things growing was persistent.

1985 photo

Early shadehouse (Fall 1985)


Horticulture 1, the first office building under construction
(October, 1987)

1988 photo

Geodesic dome greenhouses under construction

1992 photo

Spring, 1992