This forty-year retrospective of the UCSC Arboretum's development and growth is based on an exhibit at the Arboretum that opened in Fall, 2005; events that have taken place since that time are not reflected this retrospective.

 A history of the Arboretum

Out of the kindness of strangers...

...grows our community of friends.

Generous gifts and hard work by many friends make the Arboretum the success that it is today. In 1966, willing hands and generous hearts literally started the Arboretum from scratch. Then, in 1976, Arboretum Associates organized to carry forward this tradition of support, donated time, and advocacy.


Bernice Porter, Diane Porter Cooley,
daughter Anne Cooley and her
daughter Genevieve Dash


Elspeth Bobbs and Barbara Shields,
good friends of the Arboretum

Arboretum Associates ask their friends for help, of course. Yet sometimes the Arboretum has received help unlooked for and from unexpected quarters. In 1984, for instance, Harry O. Warren attended a spring festival and later a talk by Ray Collett. From that happy meeting, Warren helped to fund symposia, a curator position, and more.


Dean and Jane McHenry, Linton
von Beroldingen and Jean Beevers


Rose Hand—donor and talented photographer


Ed Landels' 90th birthday party


The reasons for generosity by friends and newcomers alike are many. One such friend touched on feelings that many must share. In a letter to Dean McHenry, Ed Landels, explains how richly he feels rewarded:

"I could scarcely believe what Ray and Brett accomplished in such a short time and pretty much on a shoestring. Few will ever appreciate the amount of painstaking work and care that went into bringing back so many specimens and having nearly all of them thriving. I suppose a great deal of credit goes to the ...(staff and student workers in the Arboretum)... for taking such prompt care of everything when it arrived. I have been rewarded a thousand fold for any little boost I may have provided. I really believe, ... that you are going to have one of the most interesting and exciting arboretums in the world ...and located at a site that none can begin to approach. Many thanks for helping me get involved."

(portion of letter from Ed Landels to Dean McHenry)