Edna's Bench

A new bench has been added near the end of the Hummingbird Trail in memory of long-time volunteer Edna Vollmer. David Vollmer sent us the following note:

"Melinda Kralj, the Curator of the Australian Garden, has chosen the perfect location for Edna's Memorial Bench: a sunny spot in the Australian Garden opposite the Grevilleas where the hummingbirds feed.

Our oldest daughter, April, and I assembled and installed the bench during April and John's recent visit. April gathered a small group of Arboretum staff and volunteers around the bench for an informal dedication. Melinda is to my right, April's on my left, then John, and then Dan Harder, the very talented and gracious Arboretum Director. The person in front of Dan is Helen Englesberg, Nursery Manager, for whom Edna worked propagating specimens for the gardens and for sale.

It's a short walk from the Arboretum Event Parking to the bench: climb the stairs between the library and the office, turn left at the top and follow the hummingbird trail (backwards). Just before getting to the arch the trail turns to the right and you're there.

Sit quietly and watch the birds while you're remembering Edna.

I thank all of Edna's friends for their sympathy...