The New Butterfly Garden

A work in progress

Adjacent to the California Native Garden and to the left of the path leading to the New Zealand area, you'll discover the first evidence of the formation and planting of the new Butterfly Garden based on California native plants, small and modest at the moment, but holding promise of greater things to come.

Clive and Maryellen photo

Clive Bagshaw (above right), a visiting professor at UCSC from England, volunteered for this project after the Volunteer Orientation class in 2011, and he and fellow volunteer Maryellen Crummer (above left) are now working hard to create an inviting environment for the numerous species of butterflies which inhabit the Arboretum. Manager Brett Hall provided equipment, rocks, and assistance in reconfiguring the terrain; Linda Willis, our butterfly expert, advised as to which flowers and shrubs would be attractive to the butterfly population and provided plants from her own California Natives collection; Helen Englesberg, curator of the Growing Area, was responsible for propagating and providing the other plants.

The word has evidently spread to the butterfly population, as the first visitors have already begun to arrive ...