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Help protect and steward rare and endangered plants while adding social, environmental and education value to our community.

Spring Appeal- Please help support the "Student Superbloom Challenge"

"Students and interns are the backbone of our operations, helping with greenhouse propagation, trail clearing, plant irrigation and seed collectingThe Arboretum’s “living laboratory” develops students’ critical thinking about sustainable horticulture, ecological restoration, environmental education and the importance of scientific research." Martin F. Quigley,  PhD. Executive Director.

Read more from Dr. Quigley on the Student Superbloom Challenge. (pdf)

Watch a video narrated by Frans Lanting, noted wildlife photographer, on the unique botanical value of the Arboretum.
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You can donate to the Arboretum in several ways—giving online is fast, easy, and saves time and resources:

If you prefer not to donate online:

  • Mail a check, made out to the UCSC Foundation, noting on the check it is for the Arboretum to:
        UC Santa Cruz
        1156 High Street
        Santa Cruz, CA 95064
  • Visit the Arboretum and donate or purchase a membership by going to Norrie's Gift Shop or the Arboretum Office.
  • Donate using a credit card gift by calling the Arboretum Office at (831) 502-2998.