Annual Fall Plant Sale

Hope to see you at the 2017 Fall Plant Sale scheduled for Saturday, October 14, from 10am-noon Members Only, Noon-4pm Open to the Public.

Here are four of the special plants that will be available this Fall. Read more about these plants.

Protea 'Pink Ice'
Protea 'Pink Ice'
Grevillea 'Mason's Hybrid'
Grevillea 'Mason's Hybrid'
Isopogon formosus
Isopogon formosus
Hardenbergia violacea ‘Mini Haha’
Hardenbergia violacea ‘Mini Haha’

The information below pertains only to the Fall 2016 Plant Sale. The information will be updated for 2017.

Thank you to all our staff, volunteers, members and patrons who supported the 2016 Fall Plant Sale. It was a great success!

volunteers   members

Ever wonder where gardeners and landscapers in-the-know purchase their plants? They flock to the UC Santa Cruz Arboretum Fall Plant Sale. The sale is in the Arboretum's Eucalyptus Grove, on High Street and the entrance is across from Western Drive, on the edge of the UC Santa Cruz campus.  Click here for directions to the Arboretum.

Hundreds of varieties are carefully chosen to conserve California native plants and to introduce Australian, New Zealand, African and other beauties bred for water tolerance and pest control. The fall is a great time to get new plantings established in the garden.  The days are getting shorter, and soil and air temperatures begin to cool down. Read more about the benefits of Fall planting.

In partnership with the California Native Plant Society, the sale offers high quality, regionally-friendly plants from both groups at great prices.  Not a member of the Arboretum or California Native Plant Society and want to get in on the early bird selections from 10 am until noon? Memberships for both organizations will be available at the gate on the day of the sale. Or, join the Arboretum Friends now.

Plant sales and memberships benefit the Arboretum's conservation and education programs. succulent pumpkin
Our plant sales are wonderful opportunities to take home some of the dazzling color of the Arboretum. Select non-invasive, drought tolerant plants that are California natives or native to Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa. They happily grow side-by-side in our Mediterranean climate. Knowledgeable Arboretum staff and volunteers will be on hand to provide information and answer questions.

It's also pumpkin time and the succulent nursery volunteers will be creating beautifully decorated pumpkins to sell at the Arboretum fall plant sale. Come get that special gift for your own table or that special person. 

Below are some of the featured plants from Fall 2016.

Correa reflexa ‘Cape Nelson’ An Arboretum plant introduction, offered for the first time! A low growing compact Correa blooming fall through the spring with showy red flowers with yellow tips. Good container plant.

Leucadendron ‘Cloudbank Ginny’ A hybrid leucadendron growing 6 feet tall and wide. Blooms in the springtime displaying striking yellow flowers with red centers. Good for cut flower. Drought tolerant once established.

Banksia spinulosa ‘Nimble Jack’  This is a large shrub with stunning 6 inch long golden flowers that emerge as red and become black with age. It grows 6 to 7 feet tall and spreads 8 to 10 feet. It is drought tolerant and frost hardy and can be grown in dappled shade.

Native California ground covers

Ceanothus gloriosus ‘Heart’s Desire’  Grows 6 inches to 1 foot tall and spreads up to 5 feet wide.

Arctostaphylos edmundsii ‘Little Sur’  Low growing and spreads to about 10 feet.

Ceanothus maritimus ‘Pt Sierra’  Grows 2-3 feet tall and spreads up to 6 feet wide.  Grow in full sun or partial shade.

Ceanothus gloriosus ‘Anchor Bay’  Low spreading shrub growing 1 to 1.5 feet tall and spreading up to 12-15 feet wide.