Arboretum Expands Student Internship Opportunities

April 10, 2016

By Maura Connolly, UCSC Arboretum Volunteer Coordinator, VIP AmeriCorps 

student internThe Arboretum is an integral part of the UC Santa Cruz campus, but many students still don't know that it even exists. Luckily, one group very much aware of and engaged in the Arboretum are 19 student interns of Tom Sauceda, Curator of the New Zealand garden; student interns are some of the many volunteers that allow the Arboretum to function. student intern

How did Sauceda end up with almost 20 students in one quarter? He attributes the increase to the “word getting out,” students sharing their positive experiences of the Arboretum. And last fall the Arboretum expanded its intern opportunities. While that had only a minor immediate effect, the new opportunities certainly paved the way for winter quarter’s overflow.

student internstudent internConcurrently, in fall the Arboretum hired a new Director of Grounds and Gardens. Extra staff allows for extra supervision so Sauceda was able to accept more applicants in winter. As he said, “Here at the Arboretum, we always give the students a chance.”  As the pictures clearly demonstrate, the interns enjoy their "work" of helping the gardens thrive.