Free Guided Tour, 1st Saturday, every month
Free with your Arboretum admission.

Community Day, 1st Tuesday, every month
Free admission to the Arboretum, all day.


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Details about Arboretum events can be found by visiting the Arboretum Calendar


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A world-class collection of flora from around the globe

More than four decades of dedication, horticultural expertise, and hard work have created an extensive collection unmatched anywhere else in the world!

With the largest collection of Australian and New Zealand plants outside of their native countries, the most diverse collection of eucalyptus and their relatives to be found in one easy-to-access area, an unmatched collection of conifers and other trees, and extensive representatives of South African Proteas, and native California flora, the UCSC Arboretum is home to a world-class living collection. Come and see native flora from around the globe, including California, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, and Chile. The UCSC Arboretum offers many rich opportunities for casual visitors, researchers, students, members, and friends. You can find more information by visiting our About page. You can view some items of seasonal interest here.

The UCSC Arboretum is open each day from 9 am to 5 pm. (Closed only on Thanksgiving and Christmas days.) Directions and information about admission can be found here.

Weddings and Events at the UCSC Arboretum

wedding reception in Australian Garden Looking for a place to hold your wedding or other special event? The UCSC Arboretum offers a world of choices.