Getting to the Arboretum



Directions to the Arboretum

If you are unfamiliar with how to find Santa Cruz, detailed directions can be found on the UCSC website.

Approaching via Highway 17 from the north
or Highway 1 from the south

  • As you approach Santa Cruz, follow signs to "Half Moon Bay / Highway 1 North"
  • Highway One stops being a divided highway and becomes Mission Street in Santa Cruz. Remain on Mission St./Highway 1 for about a mile
  • Turn right onto Bay Street (there's a traffic light) going up to the UC campus
  • Turn left at the High St. traffic light at the base of campus (don't go in the main entrance)
  • Stay on High Street for approx 1/2 mile, the entrance to the Arboretum is to your right
  • If you arrive at the West entrance to campus, you have gone too far

Admission to the Arboretum:


The Arboretum is open each day from 9 am to 5 pm.
(Closed only on Thanksgiving and Christmas days.)

Suggestions for GPS and online mapping software.

The Arboretum entrance is at N 36° 58' 56.22N / W 122° 03' 41.29"

The closest street address is 1490 High Street or Arboretum Road on some maps. Entering either of those adresses into most GPS units or routing software will get you very close to the entrance. The entrance to the Arboretum is on the east side of High Street (right-hand side if you're going uphill.)

NOTE: if you simply enter "Arboretum, UCSC" into a GPS or routing software, you will might be directed to 1156 High Street. That is the main entrance to campus (and our mailing address.) The Arboretum is about 1/2 mile up High Street past the main entrance on the west side of campus.

Some GPS and mapping software indicate a back entrance into the Arboretum. This is an error. There is no automobile access to the Arboretum except at the entrance on High Street.

As of August, 2013, searching for "Norrie's Gifts Arboretum UCSC" in Google Maps results in accurate directions to the Arboretum's entrance.