Telopea cultivars

April 06, 2019

Telopea stock plants in flower at UCSC Arboretum. "There are many cultivars and some straight species here, but the cultivars are difficult for me to distinguish and the names are too close for comfort: ‘Fire, Fire Glow, Dawn Fire, Forest Fire, Fire and Brimstone,’ the home fires are burning bright! I think those we have are older, Duncan & Davies introductions." --Martin Grantham, Nursery Manager

Here is some info including a whole new set of cultivars we might not have in the USA:

Telopea stock plants at UCSC Arboretum are putting on a superb show! We have species and the older cultivars acquired when plants moved more freely in the world. We have lots of young rooted cuttings too small to sell, and only the 2 large flowering plants that will be in the silent auction April 13, from 11 AM until 1 PM.