Facility Rentals

Our gardens provide a stunningly beautiful place to hold a symposium, business meeting, professional training or an intimate memorial or wedding celebration. 

When renting one of our indoor spaces, you and your event attendees are invited and encouraged to walk about the gardens. Benches and picnic tables throughout the gardens are open to all visitors including event attendees. 

All of our rentable spaces may be enjoyed between 9am and 5pm daily, as available. All rentals must be cleaned up and off the premises by garden closing time at 5pm. 'After-hours' are NOT available.

The Arboretum is primarily a self-supporting unit on campus. Rental fees assist with our ability to keep the gardens alive and wel. Thank you for your support!


1. Check availability: 

Horticulture 2 (Hort 2) calendar  

Jean & Bill Lane Library calendar  

2. Review rental details and fees for each space 

3. Use our online Rental Request Form to inquire about an appropriate space for your event 

(Note: Even if a facility calendar shows that the room is available, reservations are not guaranteed until our Arboretum staff confirm all the details with each renter.)


Horticulture 2 Meeting Hall (Hort 2) 

Our meeting hall is ideal for meetings, lectures, and receptions.                                                                                

         hort-2-symetrical-full-room.jpg       hort-2-av-podium-area-front-of-room.jpg               

Rental Fees:

        Full Day:    9am to 5pm   

  • $400 campus groups
  • $500 off-campus groups       
Note: leave time for all guests to be off-site before the gardens close at 5pm  

Small group/half day:  < 30 people and less than 4 hrs       

  • $250 campus groups
  • $350 off-campus groups


1,630 sq. feet- 35’ wide x 48’  Carpeted area is 35’ x 35’ & concrete area is 35’ x 13'


Lecture seating / no tables - up to 75 persons max
Classroom with tables / Meal seating - up to 65 persons max


  • 75 chairs and 12 rectangular 6’ tables 
  • Wall mounted projection screen (10’ x 10’) , microphone and amplification, wooden podium, and small projector table
  • Wifi (via ‘UCSC Guest’ or 'Eduroam') 
  • A large, wooden 'conference' table at the back of the room is ideal for food and drink set up
  • A small sink, microwave and kitchen countertop. Refrigerator space can be arranged ahead of time.
  • Operable heater with thermostat (no AC)
  • Operable windows for fresh air


  • $45/day:  Projector (4000 lumen - includes projector set up with hdmi cable to podium)     
  • $150:  Set-up fee (we'll rearrange chairs and tables for you) 
  • $65/day:  DTEN - equipment for video conferencing, linked to UCSC Google calendar 'rooms'                             

Jean & Bill Lane Library Room 

The Jean & Bill Lane Library Room is our small botanical library and multipurpose room.

The space is ideal for a small group meeting or training situation, 4-10 persons. (10 pp max) 

library-tables-tv-from-entry.jpg       library-entrance-books.jpg

Rental Fees:

Full day:
  • $175   campus groups (9-5)                 
  • $200   off-campus groups  (9-5) 
     Half day (4 hrs):
  • $125   campus groups (4 hrs between 9-5)          
  • $175   off-campus groups (4 hrs between 9-5) 
Note: leave time for all guests to be off-site before the gardens close at 5pm 


  • Two 3' x 5' wooden tables and paded chairs
  • Included: swivel-mounted 60” TV & monitor perfect for video and powerpoint presentations
  • Operable heater with thermostat (no AC)
  • Operable windows for fresh air


  • $65/day:  DTEN - equipment for video conferencing, linked to UCSC Google calendar 'rooms'     

Outdoor Patio Area

Available as an Add-On to Hort 2 Meeting Hall Rental only


lower-patio-facing-stairs--arb-office.jpg       upper-patio-area-facing-hort-2-building.jpg

Rental Fee:

  • $300 campus and non-campus users 

Includes set-up of up to 12 white folding chairs and up to 3 folding tables not already in use from inside Hort 2. 

Australian Rock Garden & Group Picnic Area (fees subject to change July 1, 2024)

The UC Santa Cruz Arboretum & Botanic Garden provides a lovely setting for a small informal celebration. You can enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings of the Australian Picnic Area for a small, rustic wedding ceremony, or memorial service, departmental retreat, poetry reading, or family gathering. The open spaces around the Australian Rock Garden that are adjacent to the Australian Picnic Area are considered part of the rental site. (more photos forthcoming)

If you wish to have a sit-down catered meal or slide show in addition to your outdoor activity, you are invited to select our Combination Rental which includes the Australian Picnic Area AND the Hort 2 Meeting Hall, located a short walk from the picnic area. See rental details below. 

telopea-and-bench-in-aust..jpg  aust-picnic-tables-line-up.jpg  aust_open-area-under-trees-facing-west.jpg     

Rental Fee:

Australian Picnic Area (outdoor site only):    9am to 5pm                               

  • $700 campus users
  • $800 non-campus users

Combination Rental - Australian Picnic Area AND the Hort 2 Meeting Hall (outdoor & indoor):  9am to 5pm

  • $1,400 Campus users 
  • $1,500 non-campus users           


  • Four large, rustic wooden picnic tables with built-in benches underneath the dappled shade of Eucalyptus trees
  • Rental includes up to 65 white folding chairs and one wooden-topped cocktail table perfect for a nice flower arrangement and a few photos or memorabilia. No additional furniture or furniture rentals allowed. 

Maximum Capacity:  65 persons max/35 vehicles max in shared Visitor Parking lot - no exceptions

No vendor or personal vehicles allowed into gardens. 


  • For 'Combination Rental' - drop off/delivery adjacent to Hort 2 building only. 
  • No catering allowed for Australian Picnic Area rentals. Aside from picnic tables on site, there is no table seating for outdoor rentals. 

No additional furniture allowed in gardens.

Allowable: Picnic blankets allowed in grassy open spaces. Hand-pulled wagon allowed for bringing in light refreshments, light-weight linens & table-ware, and/or small flower bouquet(s) to the site.

 See Additional Rental parameters and important instructions below.



Additional Rental Information

HOURS: 9am - 5pm

Early Hours: Early hours can be arranged IF staff are available and for an additional fee.

Early Hours (7am to 9am):  $100/hour

No After Hours available - all Arboretum guests must be off site by 5pm

All equipment, supplies, trash, etc. must be removed and all event attendees off the premises by the Arboretum's 5pm closing time. The renter agrees to pay an additional fee of $200 per hour for exceeding these times. 


Up to 35 vehicle maximum. Encourage your guests to car-pool, ride bikes, bus or walk to the Arboretum. Our Visitor Parking lot has about 70 parking spots, half of which can be used for special events, the other half are reserved for our daily garden visitors. 

Additional parking & shuttle service may be coordinated with the campus’ Transportation and Parking Services unit, TAPS. For information and booking contact TAPS at: https://taps.ucsc.edu/parking/event-parking/index.html  

Room Set-Up 

NOTE: Each rental option must include additional times for SET-UP and CLEAN-UP WITHIN THE STATED HOURS

If you choose to do your own room set-up, please only use the rolling chair-carts to stack unwanted chairs. DO NOT STACK CHAIRS ON THE FLOOR. Unwanted folding tables go in the back corner, left of the 'kitchen' countertop. The tables and chairs in the room are left in the arrangement of the previous renter which varies quite a bit. The tables and chairs can be heavy so please be sure to bring some help if you choose to do your own set-up. If you don't have time or wish to simplify your rental experience, the Arboretum provides the service of Room Set-Up for $150. 


ABC required for all events involving alcohol - Alcohol Beverage Control licensing and permit requirements can be found at https//:abc.ca.gov/

Deposit and Payment 

Deposit: A $500 deposit is required to book for all non-campus affiliated rentals. The full deposit will be refunded three weeks after the event should no damages or additional fees be incurred.

Full payment is required to book the indoor meeting hall. The full facility rental fee must be received no later than 30 days prior to the event.  Failure to remit payment may result in loss of reservation and forfeiture of fees paid to date.

Damage to plants, equipment, furniture or carpet will result in charges equal to the cleaning or replacement costs.

Campus Affiliates:

Discounted rental fees are offered for UCSC departmental and student organization meetings, events, trainings and campus-sponsored celebrations. The discount does not apply to students, staff or faculty using the space for personal events. In the case of memorials & celebrations of life for a UCSC student, staff or faculty member, we will offer the discount if a recharge is to be used for payment, thus confirming this is a department-supported event. 


Individuals and outside organizations hosting events not sponsored by the University must obtain appropriate insurance in order to rent UC Santa Cruz Arboretum facilities. If an event will include alcohol, additional coverage is required. For more information, please visit https//:abc.ca.gov/

To utilize UCSC insurance partnerships, please visit http://ucsc.campusconnextions.com 

The person named on the application and permits is liable for the event and must be present at the event throughout the entire use period. The renter shall not assign or sublease any portion of the Arboretum. Caterers, bartenders, musicians and other entertainers are also required to carry appropriate insurance. Their insurance needs to name The Regents of the University of California as an additional insured as well as the renter of the facilities. General - Minimum Insurance Requirements for Contractors/External User typically apply. 


Live accoustic music (no amplification) in Hort 2 AND in the gardens is permissable. Please inquire with the Arboretum Staff cordinator about your musical intentions. 


Cancellations occurring more than 60 days in advance of the event will be reimbursed the rental fees received to date. Cancellation of a confirmed rental reservation within 30 days, will result in a $50 cancellation fee.

 * Venue Gallery