Volunteering at the Arboretum 


The UC Santa Cruz Arboretum & Botanic Garden relies on 100+ volunteers year-round to keep this place growing! By volunteering you become part of a community that directly supports the Arboretum's mission, to connect people with plants.

No matter what group you work with, you will learn by working side by side with home gardeners, experienced and amateur naturalists, active and retired professionals as well as people who are just beginning to explore the world of plants. 


How to begin?

To become a volunteer at the Arboretum, prospective volunteers review available volunteer opportunities then fill out an online application form. The information on this form helps us to determine your interests, experience, and availability. How would you like to help? 

Explore volunteer opportunities below!

Gift & Garden Shop: Meet travelers, UCSC families & students, Arboretum members, volunteers & garden-lovers from near and far while helping raise vital funds to support the Arboretum by volunteering at Norrie's Gift & Garden Shop. Shifts are 3 hours long, Tues-Sun. 

Join one of our Weeding & Gardening Groups to help us tend to the gardens while learning about plants & socializing with like-minded volunteers:

   California Conservation Garden:                                  Thursday mornings
 Natives First Gardeners (CA Entrance Garden):          Tuesday mornings
   Succulents Garden:                                                      Meeting times vary
Succulent Nursery:                                                            (currently full)
   Aussie Weeders:                                                           Thursday mornings
Aroma Garden:                                                                 (currently full)

Get great exercise and the meditative benefits of being immersed in nature when you join the Pathway Sweepers. Flexible times on weekdays - 1 hour sessions.

Have horticultural, construction or related experience? Or marketing, website or other related skills? Add one of the following groups to your application and let us know how you could help:

Bulk Removals

Speical Projects / Other

Or help out with Outreach & Special Events like the Arboretum's Annual Gift & Wreath Sale or Hummingbird Day, or represent the Arboretum at community events in the area.  

Complete a Volunteer Application by clicking on the button below. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our wonderful community of dedicated volunteers!


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