Welcome to Norrie’s Gift & Garden Shop

LOCATION:   First building up on the right after entering the Arboretum & Botanic Garden driveway
HOURS:        10:00 am - 4:00 pm every day the Arboretum is open
CONTACT:    831.502.2999, norriesucsc@gmail.com

HISTORY: Norrie’s was built in 1994 with generous donations from Elspeth Bobbs, who was an ardent supporter of all things botanical. In a 2007 NPR interview at 87 years young, she offered her world view: "I'm sorry to say, I'd prefer less people, and more gardens. Gardening is about dreams. And it doesn't matter if the dream doesn't come off because you've enjoyed the dream.” To honor Elspeth, the Arboretum & Botanic Garden named the shop after her daughter Norrie, who died in a tragic accident.

FEATURED THIS MONTH: Quantities are limited; for a particular item, call to check availability

           GIFTS FOR FALL

mugs-ed.jpeg socks-ed.jpeg scarves2-ed.jpeg
Arboretum Garden Mugs
for Delicious Coffee or Chocolate!
Warm Cozy Socks--
Who Says They Have to Match?
Colorful Scarves to Brighten Any Day
books-ed.jpeg table-ed.jpeg table2-ed.jpeg

Books to Read on a Rainy Day

Unique Hummingbird Glass-Topped Side Table Unique Hummingbird Glass-Topped Side Table  





Crowea exalata 'Southern Stars'

(Small Waxflower)

Sinningia tubiflora

Fine-textured small shrub (2 ft x 3 ft) with pink star-like flowers mostly in fall/winter. Plant in cool sun or light shade; regular to occasional water. A 2007 UCSC Koala Blooms Australian Plant Introduction. Unusual summer-flowering small plant (2 ft+) with cream colored funnel shaped flowers; emits citrus jasmine scent in evening. Plant in semi-shade in well drained soil; water regularly in blooming period; semi-dormant in winter.

Throughout the year, Norrie’s offers a constantly changing variety of decorative and nature-themed items, many of which are designed and created by local artisans. Merchandise always includes items TO WEAR, TO READ, FOR THE HOME, and FOR THE GARDEN. If interested in a particular item, call first to check availability; if out of stock, some pieces can be reordered upon request.

To Wear: Items include beautiful jewelry, colorful scarves, and all styles of hats

necklaces scarves hats

To Read:  Items include a selection of books on gardening and nature

cacti book
A John Muir biography for children with “explore more” activities!
A John Muir biography for children
with “explore more” activities!
Art of Gardening book

For the Home: Items include dishware, crafts, games, soaps, oils, and jams

tea cups jigsaw puzzles olive oil

For the Garden:  Items include an assortment of plants, planters, and outdoor art

Correa reflexa 'Kangaroo Island'
Correa reflexa 'Kangaroo Island'
wall hangings