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We have a wonderful array of beautiful plants for you to purchase from our EXPANDED plant display area at Norrie's Gift and Garden Shop! We keep Norrie's stocked with a unique assortment of plants throughout the year, propagated from our collections, tended to with love and expert care right here in our own nursery. No shipping available.

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OR, for a pdf PLANT LIST updated biweekly, check plants available at Norrie's this month on our homepage.

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Arboretum Members receive great discounts!

Arboretum Members receive a 10% discount on all plant purchases and merchandise with a current membership card! Additionally, Arboretum Membership provides discounts at many of our popular local nurseries and gives you FREE Admission to the Arboretum and hundreds of other Botanic gardens across the country!

Native Plants at the Arboretum

Our California native plant offerings continue to expand! Depending on the time of year, popular annual grasses and flowers plus perennial shrubs such as Arctostaphylos, Ceonothus and Mimulus (Diplacus - sticky monkey flower) are available to buy for your home garden or business. 

The California Native Plant Society (CNPS) continues to hold their ever-popular Spring & Fall Native Plant Sales at the UCSC Arboretum & Botanic Garden. 

Remember, you can always check the current plants for sale at Norrie's on our homepage. Plant list updated every 2 weeks.